Basic schedule

Sunday (21 June 2015):  Arrival to Tel-Aviv airport. Pickup and transfer to the hotel in Jerusalem. Sightseeing tour.  Opening event. 

 Monday (22 June 2015):  Full day Conference. (+ Jerusalem night tour)

Tuesday (23 June 2015):  Full day Conference

 Wednesday (24 June 2015):  A special program for the conference participants in the Israel Museum + a visit to Bethlehem.  Or: You can take a full day tour to Jerusalem & Bethlehem

 Thursday  (25 June 2015):   Tours - departure for all post-conference  tours

 Friday (26 June 2015):         Tours

 Saturday (27 June 2015):    Tours

Conference Tours

 Pre-Conference Tours    &
After Conference Tours  to:
 Jerusalem *Massada *Qumran *Megido *Lachish *Nazareth * Crusader fortresses *Bet Shemesh *Temple Mount  * The Jordan Valley *Beer Sheva  *Nimrod fortress *Herodium  *Caesarea  *Dead Sea *Galilee *Jericho *Jaffa  *Acre *Tel Aviv  *Incense Route  *Banias  *Ashkelon  *Ashdod  *Beit Loya  *Tel Maresha *Beit Guvrin  and more....

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